The Life and Martyrdom of János Esterházy

Molnár Imre

Ár: 4.700 Ft


Méry Ratio, Somorja
160 × 240 mm, kötött, 412 oldal
Kiadás éve: 2011
ISBN: 9788089286485

The shared moral value system of the European Union is at the very base of its existence and its future. These values include respect for human rights and for the rights of ethnic and na- tional minorities, as well as the rule of law. We cannot look into the future as long as our present is poisoned by a message of collective guilt surviving from the past and preventing through so many invisible channels the emergence of an atmosphere of trust; if people who suffered torment and humiliation while in- nocent still cannot partake of justice and legal remedy because facing up to the past is a difficult and unpleasant exercise. But we also know that covering up problems will only exacerbate them. The past must be discussed and elaborated, and justice must be offered to the true and the innocent who had been un- fairly treated so that we may find peace together and place the emphasis on building the future in co-operation along our shared values.

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