Language Shift Among The Moldavian Csángós

Vilmos Tánczos

Ár: 4.500 Ft


Nemzeti Kisebbségkutató Intézet, Kolozsvár
145 × 205 mm, fűzött, 340 oldal
Kiadás éve: 2012
ISBN: 978-606-8377-10-0

The attitude towards the Moldavian Csángós are still determined by the ideologies inherited from the Communist era which consider the ethnic group to be of Romanian origin and having Romanian culture. In this approach the Moldavian Csángós are merely atypical Romanians, different from the Orthodox majority by their Roman Catholic origin. The fact that a part of these “atypical” Catholic Romanians speak besides Romanian another mixed “useless”, archaic language in the family, is not given special importance. These ideologies, as they do not accept the specific culture of the Csángós, deny the fact of linguistic and cultural endangerment as well, and do not speak about a “non-existent” problem.

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